Thursday, September 27th

12:30- 13:45

Symposium “It started with a dream…”
supported by Intuitive Surgical

Moderator: J. Magrina

– “It started with a dream” movie

– A look inside the history of Intuitive and evolution of today’s technology (J.Wong)

– What is next? The launch of SP (J.Wong)

– Where are we going? Future technology in robot–assisted surgery (G. Moawad)

– Round table: Speaking with the pioneers of robot-assisted surgery
Where would we be without robotic surgery? (A. Advincula, J. Boggess, J. Persson)


Friday, September 28th

07:15- 07:55

Sunrise lecture: Surgical innovations

Moderator: A. Maggioni

– Evolution of safety in energy devices (F. Bilotti) – supported by Ethicon/Johnson&Johnson

– Italian  pioneer innovation in digital laparoscopy (S. Gueli Alletti) – supported by TransEnterix


12:45 – 14:00

Symposium “Training curriculum in robot assisted surgery”
supported by Medtronic

– Introduction (R. Verheijen, France)

– Designing a curriculum: the ERUS experience (J. Collins, Sweden)

– The SERGS curriculum (H. Falconer, Sweden)

– The training center: the trainer’s and trainee’s perspective (R. Kimmig, Germany)

– Courses and certificates (R. Verheijen, France)

– Q&A session


 Saturday, September 29th

7:15- 7:55

Sunrise lecture: Medical innovations

Moderator: V. Zanagnolo

– How medical treatment may influence the  surgical approach in advanced  ovarian cancer? (N. Colombo)

– Is there a role of robotic surgery  in advanced ovarian cancer? (J. Magrina)